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Who are we?

We are Cardists, Magicians, Collectors... Normal people you see on the street everyday. But we all have a common; We love Playing Cards!

Hong Kong Cardistry Club was founded in 2019.

 "I have a goal, an aim, a vision; To create a gathering place, a community for all Cardists and Magicians."

The Hong Kong Cardistry Club is not just a place for Cardists, but Magicians as well. Our dream is to bring Cardistry and Magic into Hong Kong, through style and class.

"Playing Cards are your personal identification. We can see who and what you are, from the moment we see your deck of cards carrying around you."

Here's a little info about me: I am just a regular person with a dream. I aim to bring Cardistry into Hong Kong. But first, everyone needs to own a deck of playing cards. This is why I've created this website.

Hello to all visitors who come to this website. If you reach to this place, then it means you are a Playing Cards Enthusiastic, Cardist, Magician, or in general; Having a passion in playing cards, and love to perform your card tricks or magic to audience.

Cardistry has always been a hit around the world. But not in Hong Kong, it is still in the age of electronic world. People are so emerged into their electronics and forgot what it's like to explore things around them. This is where we shines!

- Royce Chan

  Founder of HKCC