1st, v2 - By Chris Ramsay

1st, v2 - By Chris Ramsay

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First ever, his own production of his own playing cards.

First ever, tuck case design in USPCC, with gold foil and letter pressed design.

First ever, back design with the gold foil/text printed OVER the border. Hence the price so expensive, because Chris has to ship the cards outside USPCC to print the gold foil outside border, then ship back to USPCC for production.

First ever, with the card name, gold foil, printed inside the tuck case.

First ever, the card name, gold foil, letter pressed, printed directly on the Ace of Spade.

Therefore, the name, 1st.


This is version 2, featured his personal logo CS, printed on the card back, for Cardistry purpose.

Duplicated Spade of 4, for magic purpose.

And... One of his own logo, a snack card.


Version 1 has been sold out at the moment, features a White colour edition.


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