Black Rose Altrosa - By Daniel Schneider

Black Rose Altrosa - By Daniel Schneider

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Color isn’t just important in fashion. The color of your deck is a statement and it reflects your personality. You have plenty of possibilities today but the Black Roses Altrosa Playing Cards stand out with their dusky pink color. Gentle and yet meaningful. Not too fancy, to distract the spectator from your routine. But an eye-catcher with which you are fully in line with the trend.

redesigned the Black Roses Altrosa Playing Cards faces in this deck. No Black Roses deck looks like the other to give you more than just another color.


The black color in this deck got replaced through a very dark grey to give the Black Roses Altrosa Playing Cards a bit more of a faded look. The red color of the Hearts and Diamonds got replaced as well through the dusky pink color.

The Black Roses Altrosa Playing Cards is the fifth deck in the Black Roses series.

  • Manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company
  • Printed on Premium Crushed Paper Stock
  • Traditionally cut
  • Custom front and back
  • 0 of Diamonds gaff card
  • Limited to 2900 decks

"Having been a huge fan of all kinds of playing cards from the last century, it's been a goal of mine to create a deck of cards that combines my love of minimalist art and detailed designs from the past. 
"The Black Roses Playing Cards were born from that idea." 
- Daniel Schneider, creator of the Black Roses Altrosa Playing Cards 

The Black Roses Altrosa Playing Cards doesn't attract too much attention at first glance. A positive feature, especially for magicians who don't want their audience to believe that it is a trick deck.

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