Gold Monarchs - By Theory11

Gold Monarchs - By Theory11

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The box is just as breathtaking as the cards within it. For the first time, Monarchs are printed with gold foil on gold paper, deeply embossed and - now more than ever - truly fit for a king.


After months of research and development, we’re proud to unveil Gold Monarchs for the first time today.
These decks feature a revolutionary process where real metal foil is applied directly to the back of the playing cards.


Gold Foil Card Backs


For six months, we’ve been keeping one secret closely guarded. In collaboration with USPC, we began testing an experimental new process, for the first time applying gold foil DIRECTLY on the back of playing cards.


The cards are then processed with Bicycle’s most durable finish - resulting in a card that spreads, fans, shuffles, and tears just like a normal playing card. Based on research at USPC, they’re 400% more durable and 30% more flexible than any other foil application. Scratch them, twist them, tear them, bend them - the foil doesn’t come off.


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