Joker and the Thief - Blood Red Edition

Joker and the Thief - Blood Red Edition

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When deciding on the colour way for deck three, one goal was in mind. It has to be striking and attention grabbing. This edition was designed to tie the imagery and symbolism of the decks that came before it and add a deeper layer to the story and mythology that exists around our most popular design. This is the blood that ties each character in our symbolic design together. 


Our original design returns for its third instalment. Now packaged in an extravagant blood red tuck box created by our letterpress studio based in California. It is crafted  using imported, specially dyed paper and draped in satin gold foil. We added a new perforated white and gold tax stamp style seal for gorgeous contrast. 


Now reprinted in the U.S.A by the United States Playing Card Company on their industry leading crush stock and finish for sublime handling. Perfect for Cardistry, sleight of hand artists and for games of play with friends and strangers alike. 


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