Joker and the Thief - White Gold Edition

Joker and the Thief - White Gold Edition

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Building on the original design by Spanish artist Pedro Oyarbide, White Gold Edition bursts out, into the light.


By definition our brand of playing cards are distinctly unique amongst other playing cards on the market. That said, White Gold Edition has set the bar high not only for us, but for our competitors. It is by far our most popular design to date and easily the most elegant. 


This pure and distilled second version is designed to add to the mythology that the original laid the groundwork for. The white and gold colour palette creates a third dimension of meaning, contrasting the darkness of the original deck. This builds upon the conflict between life and mortality that is apparent on the back design creating literal duality. This mirrors the turbulent story that is evident within the court cards within this pack of cards. 


White Gold Edition's tuck box is expertly crafted in sunny Southern California at our professional letterpress studio using imported paper and gorgeous satin hot foil stamping techniques not only on the outside of the box but inside too. It is capped with a matte gold perforated seal for contrast and ease of access. 


This edition has been reprinted by the famous United States Playing Card Company in Kentucky, featuring their to-die-for crush stock and finish and premium metallic inks. Due to minimal ink saturation on the card stock, this deck is amongst our best in terms of handling and durability.


Perfect for Cardistry, magic tricks and sleights, and for long nights of play. White Gold Edition belongs in the hands of everyone.


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