Master Series "Demon" Playing Cards - PRO XCM

Master Series "Demon" Playing Cards - PRO XCM

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HOLY SH*$ is what people say when they see this deck in person!  STUNNING, BEAUTIFUL and BADASS - This is the MUST HAVE DECK of the YEAR!  This is a LIMITED EDITION Master Series Version of THE LEGENDARY DOMINION DECK with fiery rich colors, an optional foil boxed version with luxurious dual foil and paper stock, and manipulation centric design principles by World Renowned card designer/manipulator De'vo vom Schattenreich.


PRO XCM - A FIRST IN MODERN DECK DESIGN - In 2012 De'vo launched the world's first deck created specifically for modern card manipulation - entitled "Dominion"- from his PRO XCM (Xtreme Card Manipulation) Series.  The Artwork was done in collaboration with Professor D.W. Pheylx Hopkins. Here De'vo introduced his "twin tip" mirror back concept, where you can get two different colored fans depending on how you fan them and you can shuffle them normally unlike traditional fanning decks. This deck sold out and went on to win several awards!  IF you can find them on ebay they can cost up to 20 times the original price!  De'vo's concepts have since been copied and used by most all modern day manipulation decks.  Last year De'vo introduced his "Master Series", which is a series of both new and classic decks reborn in luxury inks with dual foil boxes. De'vo had to have a Master Series version of this legendary deck and for ONLY 14 DAYS, you have a rare opportunity to pick up one of these amazing decks!


You may have seen De'vo's previous decks on a large variety of television shows to include Stan Lee's Superhumans and Ripley's Believe It or Not.  De'vo's Chrome Kings Deck (funded on Kickstarter) was featured on Dude Perfect with Rick Smith Jr. and is the most viral card video EVER! (has over 116 MILLION VIEWS).  De'vo's decks have also appeared in many shows used by a variety of professional magicians and card manipulators.  De'vo's decks are some of the most sought after cards in the world and are in the homes of presidents and celebrities around the globe.  De'vo's decks handle like no other and are WORLD CLASS!  The backs and faces fan patterns change depending on how they are manipulated. They are simply incredible! There is nothing else quite like this amazing deck of cards! These are PERFECT for card collectors, poker/game players, magicians and manipulators that want a beautiful and BOLD deck of playing cards!  If you even remotely like playing cards, then you NEED this deck in your collection before they are gone forever! Scroll down to see all of the amazing artwork! *Note - all deck photos are of the prototypes or 3D renderings, final product may vary. Foil box photos are accurate to the final product.


AMAZING Face cards also have De'vo's signature Twin Tip Mirror Back design so that you will get 2 different fans depending on how you fan them.  Jacks, Queens and Kings have their own custom crown.


The Master Series Demon Deck features a dual foil box with foil on the INSIDE as well, making it the first Pro XCM deck to do so. The back has been subtly redesigned to fit the Demon theme, with fiery colors and flame like references on the back, paired with modified Dominion V2 face cards makes this a stunning deck!  The breath-taking box is the first ever De'vo box to feature fire orange and gold foil, with gold foil accents.


The twin tips are mirrored meaning that you can shuffle them normally and still get 2 different colored fans depending on which way you fan them.  Fans fanned from left to right make Red tipped fans, and Black tips when reversed. Faces will have pip fans from left to right and a cool red/black tipped fan when reversed.


The number and court cards have simple/clear readable pips and symbols making it easy to play poker or do magic tricks with these cards as well as do manipulation. This makes this deck perfect for all occasions.

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