The One, Portland Edition - By Make Playing Cards

The One, Portland Edition - By Make Playing Cards

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The ONE deck

Made specifically for cardists and card magicians for performing with. The unparalleled softness yet springyness, smoothness and lightness superbly aids complex cardistry and sleight of hand moves. 


How is it different from the previous version?

The first major difference is that the colors used on this deck has been modified and tweaked to a darker green, light blue and a stronger yellow. The finishing on this deck is also different in that it’s less glossy and feels less waxy than the previous version which has been an important goal of ours from day 1 in our continuous development program to achieve the perfect deck. You guys are going to love this version even more.


Limited to 1000

This is a limited edition with a production run of 1000 copies only. So once they're gone, they are well and truly gone. 


Cardistry-Con 2019

This is the 2nd year that we at sponsored this amazing event hosted by Dan and Dave where it was a great opportunity for us to test out what we created. We gave out decks for cardists to test and the response was amazing. Below are some renown cardists putting our deck through some cardistry tests.


ONE (Portland Ed) Design

The ONE Playing Cards Portland Edition is designed with a Cardistry-Con 2019 theme and takes on the colors of the Portland flag. Yes, Portland does have a flag. The green signifies the green city and the forests, the yellow for agriculture and commerce and blue for the rivers of Portland. The color combination of the flag just works on the ONE deck creating stunning displays when performed with.


The card back design was created by Alex Tse of MPC which is based around the number 1. If you look closely enough, you will see the number 1 on the card back design.


Linen Air Light (M30) Card Stock

The card stock used on The ONE is thinner, lighter, softer and possesses the perfect level of stiffness needed for amplifying your Cardistry and card magic skills. Highly responsive!


BETA Finishing

The finishing fully complements the M30 card stock and produces a handling experience that’s nothing short of amazing. Silky smooth for fans, spreads and with an element of stickiness for cards to stick to your fingers as and when you need them to.


The Cutting

Cutting a card cut into the pack is like cutting a knife into butter. There is no other way to describe it. Faroing cards is simple and seamless.


The Feeling

The feeling of a deck of cards is vital to a cardist or a card magician. If it doesn’t feel right, then you won’t get much out of it but if it feels right, then you can seemingly perform seamlessly with ease. The ONE just feels right!

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