Wolfram v2 - By TCC Playing Cards (Opened - For Photographing Use Only)

Wolfram v2 - By TCC Playing Cards (Opened - For Photographing Use Only)

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Design Concept

The design is revised and modified for over 30 times, and is finalized after making many versions of samples.

The primary tone of this deck of cards is red and black, and both of them are rich. The red highlights the richness of the black and leaves space for imagination; whereas, the black holds the brightness of the red. The red shows up well against the black, and would jump out at your first glance. The red and black is classically matched and demonstrated on this Wolfram V2 2019 SS.


Collector’s Box— Exquisitely Packaged Playing Cards 

How can Wolfram attract collectors’ attention if they are not amazed at the first sight? 

The deck of cards, packaged in the luxury gift box, has high quality for collection. Each set of Wolfram V2 2019 SS is packaged in a luxury gift box, which includes a certificate with an individual number, a deck of Wolfram V2 2019 SS and a Revolutionary Card Case.


Combination of Classical Seal and Modern Papermaking Technology

The color of the gift box, red and black, responds to the theme of Wolfram V2 Rouge et Noir Collection. The seal of Wolfram is impressed on the top of the gift box, which shows high grade. The gift box is made of multi-layered paper with gloss shine and fine touch, and the high-density foam is applied to perfectly fit the card case. 

We sincerely hope that you would feel it “be attractive, be useful” at your first sight.

evolutionary Card Case


Innovative Rotating Structure Of Card Case

It is a fascinating card case, and not just good-looking. The new structure is applied to the card case, which is composed of two-layer paper in red and black, as well as a rotating shaft. A full deck of cards can be accommodate in the card case(the original card case is not included). 

The rotating structure, initiated by Wolfram, has been applied for the patent right for the utility model and the design. It is believed that such a card case would provide consumers with completely different experience.


Make The Process Of Taking Cards Out Of The Case More Easier, Smooth And Graceful

How to open a card case, except for horizontally and vertically?

To take cards out of a traditional card case needs up to 6 steps. However, it only takes 3 smooth and graceful steps for this Wolfram’s card case. The bevel edge inside the case is particularly designed for dealer position, which would settle cards neatly when taken out. The whole process of taking cards out would be more easier, smooth and graceful, with sense of ritual.


Being Like An Artwork

Just as the artwork being spotlighted in the glass cabinet, the Wolfram V2 2019 SS also wears its formal "dress". The outer packaging distinguishes this Wolfram V2 2019 SS from other general products. 

The Revolutionary Card Case can not only add the Wolfram V2 2019SS a sense of ritual when given as a gift, but also be placed as a fascinating and outstanding artwork on the table. It would make people full of expectation to discover the treasure in the box.


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